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rueborn Enterprise was founded in 2013 as web and mobile application development enterprise by Ogar Phil Blaize (Founder of Vimkos Social Network Site) and transcends to operate also as venture and growth equity firm in 2014 together with three other business consultants to join the institutional investor community. We love what we do – and we enjoy working with consultants, investors, managers and our associates to make the world of institutional investing a better place. Know that Trueborn Enterprise will be here for many decades to come and will be expanding its Vision to millions of individual and is committed to creating a world of opportunity for all people. We're planning to expand to create opportunity that'll raise over 500 million global entrepreneurs and create at least 100 million job opportunity across the world over the next 30 years that will serve as co-working and co-living spaces for mission-driven leaders and heal the earth of hunger and Poverty, create jobs and cure unemployment disease
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